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supporting local sectors in the fight against covid-19


Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has been an important task for nursery owners to create the safest possible environment for children and staff. Critically providing peace of mind to parents and governing bodies that maximum precautions are being taken in these uncertain times.

With the road maps now laid out by the governing bodies of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, it has been clearly identified that cleaning and hygiene safety is the no.1 priority in reopening.

At Enviro Protect, we are enabling Nurseries and Education providers to manage hygiene and cleaning in-house, through supplying fogging decontamination equipment & our unique non hazardous sanitising solution XtraProtect.

XtraProtect Sanitising Product

Developed in 2012, XtraProtect is a UK manufactured, non-alcoholic sanitising solution, lab proven to kill and protect against 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus, MRSA, E-Coli and Norovirus


As a 3 in 1 product, XtraProtect can be used for;

1. Hand sanitising (non alcohol based)
2. Fogging Decontamination
3. Touch Point & Multi Surface Cleaner

XtraProtect is a water based, non-toxic pH neutral formulation that can be used on all surfaces including textiles and fabrics and has been ethically tested and proven to be safe on skin and eyes.

The formula works by bonding with surfaces, creating an antimicrobial layer that continues to repel all viruses and germs for up to 8 days. With multiple lab tests to both British and European safety standards (BSEN 1276 and 14476), XtraProtect is a proven safe solution in the defence against Covid-19.

Benefits of XtraProtect and fogging to

Nurseries, Care Homes & Golf Clubs

  • A quick and easy to use in house Coronavirus decontamination solution
  • Significantly reduce likelihood of outbreaks and spreads of contamination including hand foot and mouth, norovirus and many others with one simple daily treatment
  • Save thousands of pounds versus using specialist cleaners
  • A low cost method to sanitise rooms, play areas and other open spaces effectively and quickly
  • Non time consuming – Takes between 10-30 minutes per room
  • Protection and reassurance for employees, children and their families
  • Multi use solution, no need for multiple cleaning products such as hand sanitisers thus reducing costs
  • Works on soiled surfaces


For many years Care homes have identified the benefits of our product in keeping a clean and hygienic home for their residents.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic Care homes have been drawn to our product even more due to its certified effectiveness against the coronavirus as well as its residual benefits..

From the many discussions we have had care homes of lare we have a significant understanding for the issues facing the care industry and the spiralling costs with regards to PPE and related products and services. We know that regular daily deep cleaning using specialist fogging companies is not feasible with costs in excess of £1000 for a 40+ bed home.



  • Keeping a covid-19 safe environment within the care home for both residents, and employees
  • providinghigh standards of hygiene and safaety within a strict budget
  • Attracting new residents
  • Spiralling costs on PPE

How ENVIRO Protect can help

  • We provide all of the required equipment and products required to maintain a hygienic and sanitised carehome in a cost effective way
  • Multi use 3-1 product. Use for deep cleaning with a Fogging machine, as a multipurpose cleaner and a hand sanitiser reducing costs spent on multiple cleaning products
  • We provide certification to display within the home, online or in marketing packs to demonstrate the processes you are taking to maintain the highest safety levels
  • XtraProtect solution can be used inside the care home using our ULV50 fogging machine providing a professional standard deep clean of all communal areas
  • XtraProtect works residually repelling viruses when dry so provides lasting protection throughout the day on those surfaces

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