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Ozone Sterilisation Unit


Enviro Protect’s Ozone units have been designed with hi-performance, quick and efficient odour removal in mind. With its unique design feature of an automatic residual ozone destruct system in-built as standard, this machine is perfect for care homes, healthcare facilities, hair & beauty salons, hotels & spas, offices & gyms to name but a few. Initially the unit will produce a specific amount of ozone depending on the chosen cycle time.

Ozone installation is effortless. It consists merely of placing the ozone generator in the area to be treated. Turn on the unit and let the equipment run for the defined time. The ozone will neutralise odours and pathogens in the air and on nearby surfaces by breaking down their molecular structure. Ozone propagation reaches everywhere, floor, walls, ceilings, fabrics, furnishings, desks, seating, clothes, computers, etc. In addition to disinfection, The final stage of the treatment process is where the ozone destruct cycle gets to work in converting any residual ozone back into oxygen meaning that a room can be safely occupied again.

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Additional Information:

Ozone application also treats and kills:

  • Bad odours (tobacco, alcohol, fried foods, perfume, etc.)

  • Allergens (pollen, dust, mites, mould, etc.)

  • Resolution of the mould problem (neutralisation of spores and inhibition of mould growth

As the structure of the new coronavirus COVID-19 is almost identical to that of SARS, it can be confidently inferred that Ozone will also work on the new coronavirus.

The ozone system is the best ally for these types of situations, and its production does not require reagents. It can be installed in one place and operate as needed or, used alternately for a few minutes in different areas within the same building.


Product Dimensions:

Ozone output ā€“ 100000mg/hr

Dimensions- 460 x 157 x 157mm

Weight- 7kg approx.

Mains Supply- 230V /50Hz/ 140W via mains switch, with fuse and detachable IEC mains cable

Fan Airflow (Ozone) ā€“ 305m3/hr

Fan Airflow (Destruct) ā€“ 305m3/ hr

Coverage- 200m3