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Hygiene Station – Small (2 Litre)


The Hygiene Station dispenses liquid hand sanitiser using a foot pump mechanism. This will prevent the passing of any bacteria through no hand contact. The sanitiser container inside a station cannot be accessed by customers. It is dispensed in small amounts through the foot pump provided. A station can be easily refilled by any staff using the funnels provided and we can provide the liquid hand sanitiser for the refill of the stations if required, the sanitiser has been coronavirus tested, MSDS available.

Available in 3 sizes

  • Large : Hold up to 5L
  • Medium & Small – Up to 2L

Price exclusive of VAT (calculated at checkout)

Key Features:

  • No power supply required
  • Freestanding
  • Durable & Robust
  • Weatherproof – suitable for indoor & outdoor usage
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Lockable
  • Mobile (fitted with wheels), can be moved around to different areas when required
  • No need for hand usage as they are operated by a foot pump.


Product Dimensions:

Width : 5"
Length : 8"
Height : 42"
Base : 14" x 14"