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ozone sterilisation


Our Ozone units have been designed with hi-performance, quick and efficient odour removal in mind. With its unique design feature of an automatic residual ozone destruct system in-built as standard, this machine is perfect for care homes, healthcare facilities, hair & beauty salons, hotels & spas, offices & gyms to name but a few.

Initially the unit will produce a specific amount of ozone depending on the chosen cycle time. The ozone will neutralise odours and pathogens in the air and on nearby surfaces by breaking down their molecular structure.  The final stage of the treatment process is where the ozone destruct cycle gets to work in converting any residual ozone back into oxygen meaning that a room can be safely occupied again.

Our Ozone unit ensures that problematic odours are destroyed and not masked, which ultimately is all that scented air fresheners will do. An added benefit is that it does not use harmful chemicals and the ozone produced will freshen those difficult to reach areas.

The Ozone Sterilising Units are ideal for sterilizing reception areas/waiting rooms/treatment rooms as it can be plugged out and easily transferred into different rooms to complete the sterilizing process. The Ozone Sterilisation unit is CE approved & allows use of treatment rooms immediately after a 15 minute sterilising period for an average size room with no delay. No persons are permitted to be present in the room when the Ozone Sterilisation is in progress for health & safety reasons.

If you don’t require to purchase a unit but want an ozone sterilisation carried out, Enviro Fire, Water & Air Limited offer industrial and residential ozone sterilisation to provide reassurance and safety for both homes and business premises at this unpresedented time.


Easy to use


Compact & Portable


Floor to ceiliing sterilisation


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